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The membership year runs from 01 January - contact the Admin Office for a membership form if you wish to join and meet the criteria shown below

There are four categories of BRA membership :

Fellow membership (FBRA, Registered Reflexologist) - for persons elected by the Board who have distinguished themselves in the profession of Reflexology or who have rendered any conspicuous service to the Association.

Ordinary membership (MBRA, Registered Reflexologist) - for those persons who have passed examinations to obtain a Certificate/Diploma from the official teaching body. All ordinary members have insurance cover.

Associate membership - for those persons who have passed examinations to obtain a Certificate/Diploma from the official teaching body but are not practising reflexology as a profession.

Student membership - for those persons undergoing a course of training with the official teaching body or who have completed such a course but are unable to meet the requirements of Ordinary membership.

The official teaching body of The British Reflexology Association is The Bayly School of Reflexology and at the present time only those trained on a Bayly School course may join the BRA.

We recommend that reflexology students not on a Bayly School course and wanting to join a reflexology association should ask their course tutor as to which association their course if affiliated to.

Benefits of Membership

Some of the benefits for Ordinary members include:

  •  Use of the letters MBRA after name

  •  Advertising as a Registered Reflexologist

  •  Listings in BRA Register of Members and on website

  •  Use of special BRA logo on promotional material

  •  BRA Block insurance scheme (for malpractice and public liability insurance) *

  •  Quarterly newsletter, Footprints and footprints extra

  •  Lecture Days

  •  BRA Merchandise

  •  Details of job vacancies

  •  Research projects

  •  Advertising under corporate headings in Hibu (Yellow Pages) and Thomsons directories

  •  Verification for CNHC Registration

  •  Promotional involvement with different national companies

  •  Merchandise benefits with a number of leading companies

  •  Advice in connection with their practice 


The BRA is a membership organisation so can only deal with enquiries regarding membership and from members.


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