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 The Bayly School of Reflexology is the official teaching body of The British Reflexology Association.

 The Bayly School was officially founded in 1978 by the late Doreen Bayly and was the first Reflexology training school to be established in Great Britain.

Mrs Bayly had held training courses since the early 1960's and is considered by many to have been the pioneer of Reflexology in Great Britain. She originally trained with Eunice Ingham in America and then represented her in Great Britain.

Her teachings are continued by The Bayly School which is, therefore, long established and has had thousands of students attend its courses and has qualified over 3000 reflexology practitioners.

  Nicola Hall

  The Director of the Bayly School is Nicola Hall, who trained with Doreen Bayly and has been in reflexology practice for over 30 years. Nicola used to assist Mrs Bayly at her training courses and has run the Bayly School since 1980.

  She teaches at most of the courses and is the author of 8 books on reflexology and has contributed to many complementary medicine books and articles as well as    appearing on television and radio. Other teachers and assistants at the courses are all well qualified and experienced.


The Bayly Method of treatment is unique to The Bayly School and involves a method of treatment whereby pressure is applied to reflex points with a flexed thumb (or fingers) using a firm but not heavy pressure. Unlike many other approaches, the thumb is not flexed and extended in a caterpillar-like movement so the method is less-stressful on the thumb (and finger) joints and the less rapid movement is considered to be more relaxing to the patient.

The Bayly School is a private school and strives to offer a friendly, efficient service. The office is staffed by one or two part-time secretaries and is normally open between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm (Monday to Friday). At other times (and sometimes during these hours) there is always an answer-machine and all telephone messages and e-mail messages are dealt with as quickly as possible.

During the training course and once trained, students can contact the Bayly School for advice with their training or practice – we are here to help.

The course which we offer is of a high standard and those who qualify with the Bayly School will be equipped to offer reflexology treatment as a professional practitioner either in private practice, a clinic or within mainstream medicine.

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