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Footprints is the official newsletter of the British Reflexology Association

and is published four times a year in January, April, July and October.

Since January 2018, the 4 issues have been e-newsletters


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Footprints is issued free to members. Non-members may subscribe to Footprints.


The subscription rates are as follows :

 4 issues - £10.00 or 12 issues - £28.00

Since each issue is an e-newsletter, if you do not have an email address then it is possible to post a copy though it is preferable that the newsletter is sent by email.  If you are applying from outside the UK and require the newsletter to be posted then the subscription rates will be £16.00 for 4 issues or £46.00 for 12 issues.

For a Footprints subscription form click here or contact the BRA Administration Office 


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To advertise in Footprints please contact the BRA Administration Office.

Current rates are:

£50 to advertise in one issue of the newsletter and for advert to appear for 3 months on website and facebook page

£50 for 6 months to advertise CPD courses in newsletter (2 issues) and on CPD page on website and on facebook page

Other options available


Footprints Index
An index of articles that have appeared in Footprints is available from the BRA Administration Office price £1.50 plus pp 50p