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July 2022

World Reflexology Week 2022, 19th – 25th September 2022

World Reflexology Week (WRW) is an ICR (International Council of Reflexologists) initiative that takes place during the last full of September each year and was established in 1999 at the ICR conference in Hawaii.

Every year in the last week of September, Reflexologists around the world organise events to celebrate World Reflexology Week, to promote awareness of our wonderful therapy.

What will you do to promote World Reflexology Week?  We’d love to hear about any events organized by BRA Members! Please email us with any details at


March 2022

Sustainable Healthcare Day, 6th April 2022

This year, on April 6, The BRA and its partners in the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative, are supporting the establishment of Sustainable Healthcare Day. 

Sustainable Healthcare is one of the most crucial issues facing us as a population. We want you to join us in starting a national conversation about all aspects of this issue, and help to raise it up the political agenda.

We all have a duty to ensure that our healthcare is provided in ways which are sustainable individually, financially, and environmentally. Every one of us is a stakeholder in our own individual health, and in that of our planet. We all have a voice, and a contribution to make. 

In supporting this first Sustainable Healthcare Day, we want the general public, local communities, scientists, businesses, organisations, medical professionals and politicians to all put forward their vision, their priorities, and how each can play their part. 

We will be asking you to share your stories about how you are making a contribution to a more sustainable healthcare system. Share your ideas about where we should focus our efforts. It could be small things which you do daily to support your own sustainable individual health, local community projects which you run, or greater policy or strategic work which your business or organisation undertakes. The more stakeholders whose voices are heard, the more inclusive and effective our solutions will be.

Sustainable healthcare needs wider publicity, and greater action from decision-makers. On April 6, join the national conversation about how we can take action. Help us bring this key issue to the forefront of the healthcare agenda.


November 2021

Integrative Health Convention 2022

The Integrative Health Convention is returning in 2022, with a one-day virtual event on 11 February culminating in the Complementary Therapy Awards ceremony.

Early bird discounts are available until 10 December 2021.  Book your early bird ticket at just £47 HERE now to hear from expert keynotes to understand how complementary therapies and lifestyle/wellness services are integrating with conventional medicine to enhance patient care:

  • Paul Mckenna, behavioural scientist and hypnotist

  • Dr John Demartini, human behaviour expert, author, global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method

  • Carrie Grant MBE, Broadcaster, Vocal and Leadership Coach and Campaigner

  • Dr Anthony Abbagnano, Founder, Alchemy of Breath

  • Dr Michael Dixon, Chair, The College of Medicine

  • Dr Harald Stossier, author and Director, VIVAMAYR Maria Worth clinic

  • Dr Angela Goyal, Founder, Inspired Medics

  • Dr Toh Wong, GP, hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, NLP & NLH Trainer & Convention organiser

  • Dr Naveed Akhtar, GP, hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, NLP & NLH Trainer & Convention organiser

  • Frances Collier, Physical Consultant (Body Specialist, Movement Coach, Dancer) Bodylistics®



July 2021

Complementary Health Professionals Conference 2021

This conference will take place on 16th October 2021 in Croydon, South London.  The theme for the conference this year is Complementary Therapies in Mental Health.  Please see below link for further details and to book tickets

May 2021

Nicola Hall to retire as BRA Chairman

The BRA had a special announcement during this year’s AGM in that Nicola is now retiring as Chairman having held this role for 36 years since the BRA was formed. 

Nicola is to be replaced by Board member Sally Price but will still remain on the BRA Board and take over the role of President of The British Reflexology Association.

Sally has been a member of the BRA for 18 years and runs a private practice alongside her work as a Senior Lecturer in Health & Wellbeing at the University of Wolverhampton for 16 years.

We are sure you will join us in sending congratulations to Sally and a huge thank you to Nicola for her extraordinary work for the BRA over the years and we send our best wishes for her continuing work as Director of the Bayly School of Reflexology.