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Holistic Reflexology, Ancestral Strength
& The Power of Strong Roots

Online Lecture

Wednesday 11th September 2024
7- 9 pm
Speaker: Dorit Brauer, The Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine
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About the Speaker

Dorit Brauer is an award-winning author and owner of The Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine, Pennsylvania’s Top Reflexology School, Pittsburgh, USA.

In 2016, Dorit received the Immigrant Entrepreneur Award from Global Pittsburgh to recognize her achievements. She has been enriching the Pittsburgh region with her talent and tenacity since she arrived in 1998. See more on the website

Her holistic medicine articles have been published in Pennsylvania Health & Fitness Magazine, Point of Light Magazine, Reflexology Across America, as well as the South African Reflexology Journal. She has been interviewed by Envoyé Spécial, a French television news magazine and the Associated Press

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Lecture Overview

‘Holistic Reflexology, Ancestral Strength & The Power of Strong Roots'

Join this interactive conversation about Holistic Reflexology and Ancestral Healing.

Dorit says ‘We cannot be whole and complete as human beings and at the same time see ourselves as separate from our parents and the family into which we are born. Our strength comes from our families. It is an illusion to believe that we can deny our origin and still live a happy and fulfilled life.’

Dorit believes this understanding is essential in Holistic Reflexology, where we look beyond the individual and see health records in the greater context of the family of origin and the histories of the ancestors. The poignant reflex points to pay attention to are the kidney reflexes, the root chakra reflexes and the overall understanding of the relationship and differences between the left and the right foot.

You will learn to connect to your ancestral strength and see yourself and your clients in an expanded way, allowing you to find new healing solutions. The workshop includes an ancestral strength guided meditation.
Case studies will be presented.

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